17 Auburn’s Offense.

”I felt great,” White said before glancing down at his right arm. Dane Swan Collingwood: More surgery needed for Magpie star | Herald Sun”Up until this happened.” White suffered a broken right forearm during a 35-19 loss Monday night to No. 7 Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, and the injury completely derailed No. 17 Auburn’s offense. When the sophomore left the game in the second quarter, the Tigers had a 10-7 lead. But Auburn – with backups John Franklin III and Jeremy Johnson under center – didn’t score another touchdown until the final seconds when the outcome was already decided. A frustrated White had a sling and cast on his right arm during postgame interviews. He said he was actually injured in the first quarter close to the end of the first touchdown drive, when he was hit by a few Oklahoma defenders on a 3-yard run. ”I thought it was just a bruise – a pretty good bruise,” White said. ”I didn’t think I had broken it.

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